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Day Walks by Bus with Melbourne Bushwalkers

"What a great day! We met in the city at a convenient location that was easy to find. The bus that arrived to pick us up was more than I expected for the cost of the trip; comfortable, a friendly driver and a storage space underneath to store the things I didn't want to carry. It was marvellous to be able to sit back and relax whilst someone else took care of the details of getting us to the start of the walk. After the walk I appreciated being able to change into the fresh things I had left with the bus and to know that I could sit back and not worry about the stress of driving after a walk that was everything I wanted - away from the suburban hum-drum, challenged my fitness and left me feeling recharged for the week ahead."

Melbourne Bushwalkers has day walks by bus on Sundays 2-3 times a month. Travelling up to 2 hours from Melbourne to places as far flung as Lorne, Castlemaine, Phillip Island and Marysville it is a relaxing and economical way to do the day walks that you have always wanted to do. And what's more, someone else does the preparation and makes sure it all happens without worry. No need to allow for car shuffles giving more time for walking. Experienced volunteer leaders check out the walk before every trip, ensuring that the extremes of natural events have not made the walk unsafe to follow, or permission has been obtained from private land owners to access their property. Over 75 years of experience has developed a portfolio of day walking destinations and gradings. Just pick the ones that suit you.

For club members booking could not be easier. On each bus trip there are two walk grades: an easier and a harder grade. Details of the day walks are published well in advance in the club's newsletter and on this site. A simple EFT payment to the club's account and an email with the payment details to and a place is assured. Members can rest easy that the leader will let them know if the walk is not suited to their fitness or experience level and a credit arranged for an alternative walk if required. After all, the safety and well being of all walkers is of primary concern.

For Visitors and prospective members to the club there is an additional requirement to be approved by the leader before the walk so that a mutual understanding of the demands of the walk and the walker's experience can be agreed. This will, in most cases, involve a trip into the clubrooms on a Wednesday night a week or two before the day walk. Alternatively, a recently introduced “vouching” system enables visitors to participate on Sunday Bus and carpool trips without the need to visit the clubrooms provided an experience member who will also be on the walk vouches for their fitness and suitability. After all, your safety and enjoyment are of our interest as much as yours. We would like to see you become a member.

Coming Day Walks by Bus:

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