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Walk - 1957

The Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers, Volume 8, 1957
Editor: Norman Richards

Editorial: National Parks  
To Jagungal from Yarangobilly H. Wolf
A Bushranger's Hideout F. Halls
The End of the Track:  
                    Jack Lewis Esq.  
                    Fred Lewis Esq. J.P.  
My Old Black Billy F. Pitt
An Australian Journey R. MacDonald
We Followed the Prospectors J. Hobden
Mountain Muster  
An Old Homestead H.P.
Walking in Tasmania F.V.W.C.
Wouldn't It? F. Pitt
Switzerland Ranges H. Horton
The Boffin's Page  
What's for Tea? B. Bittner
Man and Horse J. Morrison
Book Review: Yarrawonda  
Nearer and Shorter D. Baxter & P. Simpson
Wind Tide A. Schafer
Addendum: The Lore of the Snake  
The Bush Tragedy A. E. Brooks
Of Millers and Motorists W. Baxter
Two Day Walks:  
      1. Tomahawk Valley - Tomahawk Falls - Beenak Falls
      2. Bunyip - Mt. Cannibal - Garfield

Our Cover Photo: Mt. Jagungal by Ralph Rohr