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Walk - 1962

The Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers, Volume 13, 1962
Editor: Norman Richards

Challenge Editorial
Crossing the Howe Range A. Schafer
Mid-Western Tasmania M. Scott
Gold - A Trilogy  
      The How and Why J. Cooper
      Caught by the Fever N. Simpson
      Late-Winter - Spring Gully F. Halls
Grass Trees B. Muir
John's Joyous Jaunt J. Siseman
The Late Starter A. Bennett
Three Weeks from Buchan R.G.M.
There's a Wonderful Land "Dougo"
Mapping News  
The Old Timer Juno
Spermwhale Head A. Tucker
Morning M. Vahland
From the Crooked to the Cobbler V.G.
Fashion Notes "Dior"
Mt. Mayday and the Cradle G. Harant
Books for the Bushwalker  
Mountain Muster  
"Those Confounded Jeep Tracks" J.R.B.
Blood Suckers O.O.T.
1. (1 day):  Clonbinane - Shepherd's Hill - Mountain View
2. (1 day):  Ballan - Moorabool River - Mt. Egerton
3. (2 days):  Deep Creek - Franklin River - Tarwin East
4. (2 days):  Seven Creeks - Wombat Gorge - Charman Falls
5. (2 days):  The Federation Track to Lake Mountain
6. (3 days):  Fry's - The West Governor - Sheepyard Flat
7. (Various):  Western Approaches to Feathertop

Cover and General Photographic Work by John Brownlie