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Walk - 1969

The Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers, Volume 20, 1969
Editor: Athol Schafer

The Past and Present Binding Alec Proudfoot
The Delinquent Border Bill Downing
South-West Tasmania Michael Griffin
Bynguano Haven Fred Halls
The High Country Sue Taylor
Geology of the Kiewa Area Gerry McPhee
Flowers of the Bogong High Plains Rex and Sue Filson
A Snowy Mountains Walk Athol Schafer
Across the Mt. Difficult Range Helen Mitchell
Nullarbor Michael Griffin
A Walker's Creed Fairlie Apperly
Long, Hot Week-end Alma Strappazon
Books for the Bushwalker  
1. (2 days):  Reedy Creek Chasm
2. (1 day):  Yarra Glen - Hunchback Ck. - Yarra Glen
3. (1 day):  Bunyip - Mt. Cannibal - Garfield
4. (1 day):  Longwarry - Labertouche Caves
5. (1 day):  Fryer Hill - Hoddles Ck. - Yarra Junction
5. (1 day):  Olinda - Olinda Falls - Kalorama - Montrose

Cover Photo "Looking toward Mt. Cope from the Mt. Fainter track."by Robin Mitchell