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Walk - 1985

The Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers, Volume 36, 1985
Editor: Heather Cameron

Cascades and Granite North of Melbourne: a Look at Some Lovely But Little Known Day Walking Areas Jopie Bodegraven
Huts of Kosciusko - Some History and Folklore Klaus Hueneke
Climbing Up to the Sacred Home Of The Spirits Departed in The Land Below The Wind Sandra Mutimer
I'm A Member, But I'm No Bushie Wendy Taylor
Sunday Walks Are A Most Appealing Feature of The Melbourne Bush walkers Club Christina Thornley
Extended Bushwalking Bill Metzenthen
First Time On The Bluff Graeme Laidlaw
The Mt Anne Circuit Mark Tischler
Ranging The Barrier Graham Wills-Johnson
Tall Timber Tales Athol Schafer
Daddy Why Are The Trees Dying? Jopie Bodegraven
Pedal Power Art Terry
Book Reviews  
Mapping Barry Short
The Wonnangatta - Moroka National Park  
   1. (1 day):  Moroka from Cromwell 's Knob
   2. (1 day):  Spion Kopje Ridge
   3. (1 day):  Northern Conglomerate Creek Circuit
   4. (2 days):  Lake Tarli Kamg
   5. (2 days):  The Crosscut Saw
   6. (3 days):  Snowy Bluff and Two Mile Creek Valley
The Lorne Forest Park, Otway Ranges  
   1. (2 days):  Mount Cowley - Cumberland River - Curtis Clearing
   2. (1 day):  The Great Ocean Road - Sheoak Creek - The Canyon - Phantom Falls - Cora Lynn Cascades
(3 days):  Cheshunt South - Paradise Falls - Mt Warrick - Wabonga Plateau - Mt Typo
(1 day):  Mt Tallarook - Breech Peak
(1 day):  Pyrites Creek Area
(1 day):  Little River Gorge - a day up Taggerty Way

Cover Photo by PHILLIP LARKIN - Scrambling over one of the gullies of the Ada River Track, Powelltown area.