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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

of members not showing up for a walk after paying a deposit, led the Committee to increase the deposit on van trips. Later in the year, van expenses forced a further increase of 10 per cent on van fares.

Rex Filson organised a Queen's Birthday weekend trip in 1966 to Wyperfeld National Park, which was notable for the fact that walkers would have to carry water for three days - a state of affairs familiar to Adelaide bushies, but probably a first for MBW. This trip attracted 43 members, so the party was broken into two. The whole group experienced Rex's drought-breaking powers in the dry desert. Twenty-three members searched in vain for the fabled Maroong Rise - a 'high' point of the almost flat area.

In mid-1966 the previous old-time dance next door to the Club room (Room 110 of the Victorian Railways Institute building) became a rock dance, precipitating a crisis. Our meetings were disrupted, and on one embarrassing night the guest speaker could not he heard. There was also concern that the VRI building might be demolished. A questionnaire was circulated to members in order to gauge their feeling for a change from Friday to Wednesday meeting nights. This was initiated by week-end walkers, who often missed the Friday Club meetings. A poor response led to a stinging editorial in the News which, in turn, led to some very pointed letters to the News. Democracy was well and truly alive. Ultimately, in June 1967, it was decided to move to 161 Flinders Lane and to change to Wednesday meeting nights as soon as possible. In July 1967 the Club room was moved to 161 Flinders Lane, where MAWTC (Melbourne Amateur Walking and Touring Club or Men's Club) met also on Friday, but on the floor above. No room was available on Wednesday nights, so meeting nights were not changed until 1970, when the Club again moved.

National Service was reintroduced in Australia, and Rod Mattingley was unfortunate in becoming the Club's first National Serviceman in mid-1966. In 1968 'the Vietnam branch of MBW' was opened when Geoff Kenafacke served there.

The News, August 1966 carried a grave warning by Robin Mitchell on the dangers of Donna Buang, such as lack of crowd control, poor first-aid facilities, people taking short cuts to the summit and inadequate clothing. This warning was to prove prophetic - the News of September carried the report of' a Federation of Victorian Walking Club search for missing schoolchildren. Fred Halls, the Club Search and Rescue delegate, was able to report that all were found safe.

Late in the year it was discovered that Rex Filson and Sue Hill had married secretly. The weekend following this discovery was a well -