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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

attended President's Weekend at Kinglake where a plan was hatched for an old-fashioned 'tin-kettling' of the happy couple, possibly the last tin-kettling held in Melbourne.

The year ended with seven Christmas walks programmed, including a 23-day Nullarbor Plain caving trip led by Rex Filson, who once again demonstrated his drought-breaking ability. While exploring an under-ground lake, Michael Griffin managed to puncture his rubber dinghy and sank to the bottom.

In 1967 there was an upsurge of interest in the Victorian Federation of Walking Clubs, including a proposal that Federation build a new hut on Feathertop to replace the old hut on Bungalow Spur. Our Club did not support the proposal, but the hut was eventually built. This year also brought the sad news that Lake Pedder, 'the jewel of southwest Tasmania', was to he flooded. The bright spot in this was a strengthened conservation movement throughout Australia. A Christmas walk led by Tyrone Thomas was advertised as the 'final chance to see Lake Pedder before it is drowned'.

In September 1967 there were resignations and Michael Griffin was elected to the Committee. Michael was proud of the fact that he instigated the removal from the by-laws of the old tenting rule: 'On Club walks males and females shall occupy separate tents, except in the case of married couples. Should shortage of tents prevent this, tent space may be allotted in the proportion of two females to one male, or vice versa, at the discretion of the leader.'

Felix Harding organised an 'old Bushies' get-together on Puffing Billy to Emerald in November 1967. About 80 people, some of whom hadn't seen each other for 15 years, renewed friendships. These meetings continued for about seven years.

Around this time Robert Taylor and Charlie Weiling called a meeting

During the fifties and sixties the Melbourne University Mountaineering Club (MUMC) held inter-club 24-hour walks. These walks were the forerunners of the popular sport of orienteering. The Melbourne Bushwalkers fielded teams in these walks. Many of our members staffed the soup kitchens and checkpoints along the route. To participate in these events people had to be strong walkers and competent navigators. In 1967 two hundred walkers took part. The group from our Club (Maria Verginis [Baker], Beverley Southwood [Morris], Andy Price, Art Terry, Johnny Rogers, Kel Wilson and Shirley Treloar) covered 52 miles (83 kilometres) in 23.75 hours to gain eighth place in the mixed-group section

Rex and Sue Filson