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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

December 1977 and 'Lopez' by Rob Hayes from January 1977 to end 1979. In a letter to the Editor, June 1978, Lopez is challenged - where did he look for his gossip? Why the same few names? The unidentified writer had immortalised walks with staggering puns and descriptions of hilarious rock-tripping, serious gear omissions, getting lost, wearing bright clothing - all to no avail. 'Is no one else funny? Impossible. After all we are a talented Club: But no, we hear that the ever-viable Fred Nerk has just bought himself another handkerchief.' The little people were starting to demand their rights. The wallflowers were mobilising.

In the News, May 1978, a 'concerned member' enquired, 'Who is the phantom author? I have noticed lately that the News has a half page or so of assorted waffle every month but the only clue to the author is the pseudonym "W-J". Who is the one who pontificates from so great a height? Let him come out into the open and sign his full name.' That 'W-J' made 'Assorted Waffle' his own was a stroke of genius. However Janet White picked up on this theme. In the News, June 1978, she appealed to those esoteric souls who contributed to the News anonymously, or with an obscure pseudonym (and there were many) to declare themselves so that everyone could have the privilege of knowing who they were. Of course the epochal Brigadier J. C. Paddyboot-Twinkletoes (ret'd) and his arch rival Major Grippe Yarfeet did not fall into the obscure category. They were well known to readers and delighted them with their witty repartee as evidenced by this letter to the Editor, the News, July 1971.

Dear Madam,
As a constant reader of your paper for many years I would like to express a few words of appreciation for the recent issues. The world is light on laughter, although the MBW have always had a good quota of that valuable commodity. All types of wits and nitwitticisms have graced the pages of the News, but never before it seems, has such a galaxy of stars twinkled from its pages, since 'The Brigadier', 'Major Grippe Yarfeet' and 'Certified Reporter' turned their talents loose on us.
Refugee from TV

Little did we know how close we came to missing out on some of these treats. Sue revealed in one of her 'Snippets' (News, March 1971) that 'new member Graham Wills-Johnson nearly missed out on becoming accepted'. His suitability was under scrutiny. Were members ready for a brightly betowelled weekend walker shaving in the dawn light? Apparently they were, and the decade was launched on a rising tide of merry and irreverent levity.

There was a serious side to the Club of course. The seventies witnessed the coming of age of the burgeoning conservation movement with the