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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

Inflation also contributed to rising costs in the seventies. Van fares had to be increased as did membership subscriptions. At the beginning of the decade subscriptions were $4 (over 21), $2 (junior) and $6 (couple). By 1979 they had exactly doubled.

Assorted waffle

Try as I might, I could not find 'good homes' for the following interesting material. Why not an 'assorted waffle' section? I thought. So here it is, with apologies to Graham Wills-Johnson.

'It is interesting to note that the Club was thirty years old last month. The MBW started in April 1940 with a walk from Belgrave [actually Ferntree Gully] to Mt Morton and return. The 10th birthday was celebrated by re-traversing the route of the foundation walk. The 20th anniversary route was modified (because of creeping suburbia) to include Kallista and Sherbrooke Forest. The 30th anniversary? It appears to have been forgotten as no walk has been programmed and no cake has been forthcoming.' (News, May 1970, 'Sue's Snippets')

The MBW hosted the 1970 Federation's Annual Moomba Day Walk. The route ran Bullarto Reservoir - Babbingtons Hill - Lyonsville Spring - Trentham Falls. Leader Art Terry did a marvellous Pied Piper act. Twenty-five per cent of the walkers were Club members. The refreshments were organised by Marion and John Siseman.

An event that was popular while it lasted was the 'Old Timers' Reunion'. Starting in 1967, the last recorded event was in 1974 at Emerald Lake.

Club contacts for the decade were: Graham and Sue Errey, Fred and Merle Halls, Norm and Edna Richards. In 1974 the Halls withdrew and Geoff and Jenny Kenafacke took their places. In 1977 the Richards handed over to Rex and Sue Filson, completing 32 years as Club contacts.

'.. . there is no easy way to end this account of a Tyrone T. Thomas (TTT) spectacular, but perhaps the man himself can have the last word. On the way home, he turned to me with a pleasant smile: "It's a good thing I didn't include this walk in my Grampians book. Some people might have got lost".' Indeed! (Michael Griffin on TTT's walk, Red Rock - Mt Thackeray - Castle Rock, August 1977; News, September 1977).