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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

popular leader, specialising in map-reading exercises, and giving theoretical and practical assistance to new members. Bill was elected MBW delegate to FVWC, Search and Rescue in 1959, becoming President of the Federation in 1963 and 1964.

Overseas travel was not such a rarity in the seventies and many Club members took off for The Grand Tour. Peter Bullard so impressed a group of people he travelled with through Africa in 1974 that his praises were sung by way of a letter that was sent to the Club. 'One of our prized members on the Encounter Overland Expedition heading north to London from Johannesburg, is your, or rather our, one and only, Peter Bullard. What a find'. The letter goes on at length and concludes, 'Seriously Melbourne Bushwalkers, this note was written to thank you for loaning us Peter on this expedition, for without him we'd have been lost. He was a tremendous help and you'd be proud of his effort up Kili.' (News, July 1974) What can I say?

Hattah National Park and Kulkyne State Forest was a popular walking area in the seventies. On Art Terry's trip in June 1971, on the way to the camp site at Lake Mournpool, the walkers were more than a bit surprised to find Andy Price's trousers which he'd lost there two years previously. Money and train ticket were still in the pocket.

Fred Halls donated to the Club via the President, Graham Wills-Johnson, a signed copy of his book, Bushwalking in the Victorian Ranges, Rigby, 1978, which received wide acclaim. Alack and alas, Graham had just hotfooted it into the Club room straight from a bookshop with - you've guessed it - a copy of a beaut new book he had spied, under his arm, for the Club library. Ah well, it would look good on his own shelf!

Reported in the News, December 1975, Max Casley placed an interesting notice in Wilky regarding the apparent demise of his tent in the general vicinity of the lodge: 'Lost on 7th December 1975, one yellow tent in green bag (Paddymade, I think)'. The emphasis should have been on 'I think I lost it at Wilky', because it showed up later in the Tawonga camping ground.

Max led a walk in the Castlemaine area, he can't remember exactly where or when, but what he does remember is Stuart Hodgson rugged up against the elements in his shower curtain. He had just moved house - and couldn't find his parka. Janet McCredie (now Hodgson), a first-