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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

flies on the High Plains at Christmas; trips to Lamington National Park, the Cobberas, Moroka Valley, Lake Tali Karng, Wyperfeld National Park; forays into Wilsons Promontory before the days of sticking to the tracks and having to book far in advance for camp sites, and skirmishes with the rangers (I never did learn exactly why the rangers at the Prom and the Bushies didn't get along); trips to McAlister Springs, Melville Caves and Mt Teneriffe.

The Christmas line-ups alone were outstanding:

  • Khancoban - Grey Mare Hut - Jagungal - Kiandra - Tantangara - Cave Rock, led by Geoff Kenafacke
  • Mt Field - Mt Anne - Lake Pedder - Frenchman's Cap - Gordon River, led by Jon Cairns
  • Suggan Buggan - Tin Mine - Cobberas - Reedy Creek Chasm, led by Doug Pocock
  • Buenbar Pinnibar - Snowy Mountains - Suggan Buggan, led by Alex Stirkul
  • Southwest Tasmania, led by John Siseman
  • Cascades - Tin Mine Falls - Chimneys Ridge, led by Rod Mattingley
  • Wilky - Feathertop - Spion Kopje - Wilky, led by Graham Mascas
  • Shoalhaven River, led by Spencer George
  • Dargo High Plains, led by Geoff Kenafacke
  • Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair, led by Warren Baker
  • Mt Anne Circuit, led by Felix Harding
  • Lake Pedder - Mt Anne - Frenchman's Cap, led by Jon Cairns
  • Limestone Creek - The Pilot - Berrima Range - Cobberas, led by Rod Mattingley
  • Cradle Mountain National Park - southwest coast, led by Charles Knight
  • Canberra to Wilky, led by Alex Stirkul
  • Geeveston - Federation Peak - Port Davey, led by Charles Knight
  • Precipitous Bluff, led by Peter Bullard.

The galaxy of walks spiralled its arms across the decade.

During the seventies the Mascas family made a tradition of spending their Christmases at Wilky. A charming story unfolded on their seventh season. Marijke's mother, Atie Kappelle, was visiting from Holland. True to form it snowed, much to Atie's disgust. Our story however is concerned with the cooking of a Dutch specialty for New Year's Eve - oliebollen - a yeast batter containing apple and dried fruit. As 22 people were going to share the meal, the only container big enough to allow for the rising of such a large quantity of mixture was a dustbin. This was skilfully strung up above the stove by Peter