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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

at finding its numbers swelled. Amid cries of 'we weren't really lost' the 'tourists' and the 'walkers' headed for the camp site.

This is in sharp contrast to the next stage, The Nobs - Mt Speculation, led by Alex Stirkul. The ravishment of the alpine country was shocking as evidenced by views from Mt Magdala and thence for the remainder of this trip. There was no getting away from the scarred landscape in this most picturesque section of the track.

Stage 5, Mt Speculation - Mt St Bernard, led by Graham Wills-Johnson, was postponed until later in the year.

Stage 6, Mt St Bernard - Wallaces Hut, led by Bob Douglas, and stage 7, Watchbed Creek via Mt Bogong - Mt Wills, led by Dave Andrews, encompassed among other things our beloved Bogong High Plains with their lovely camp sites and spectacular views. On Dave's leg the walkers attained Mt Bogong by way of Quartz Ridge. The walking in this area was exhilarating and enabled the racehorses to strut their stuff. The group encountered the annual Fun Run near the summit. Where was Tim then? Evidence of logging again at the end of Long Spur dampened spirits, but the stage ended on a bright note with granite country, twisted snow gums and bright green alpine grass around the Mt Wills area. 'Out to the east, under a lowering sky, spread endless ranges of tumbled, ragged ridges that we would have to face on the final stage'. (Walk 1979)

Stage 8, Mt Wills - Tom Groggin, led by Michael Griffin, consisted of approximately 85 miles (136 kilometres) of solid walking over five days and contained the whole gambit of experiences we have come to associate with bushwalking. You name it, they had it (except snow). Long days, aching limbs, little treats like chocolate liqueurs (courtesy Krystyna) and luscious blackberries. Splendid views, geographical embarrassment (by some) and then, early on day five, the party descended Mt Hermit and approached the flats near Tom Groggin. This exacting stage was completed. Well, not exactly. Michael engineered a forced fording of the Murray, which for some was the greatest thrill of the trip. Amen.

Krystyna Watters and Graham Wills-Johnson were the only walkers to complete the eight stages of the project. On Tuesday 7 November 1978 the assault on the final leg was dispatched. This was stage 5, Mt Speculation - Mt St Bernard, which had been postponed from earlier in the year due to bushfire hazards. Arriving at the saddle just before The Twins, after a morning of scrub-bashing in drizzle and fog, Graham was all for taking to the road with the other exhausted walkers, thus forgoing the final assault. 'No' said Krystyna, in her distinctive accent, 'you