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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

old fences from around Wallaces Hut and doing maintenance work on Ropers Lookout track. The following year MBW dug a pit for the toilet at Wallaces Hut.

For some time some members had been concerned about the unwelcoming appearance of the fence around the lodge and, in 1984, it was removed to be rebuilt around the water supply. The upper track to Wilky was becoming badly eroded, so measures were taken to prevent further deterioration. In the March long weekend that year the sewer pipe to the septic tank was replaced. Painting was done, as usual, and a battery-operated lamp was installed in the toilet. As wood-gathering had often been a case of 'so much owed by so many to so few', it was decided to buy a load of cut wood for Wilky. This was delivered and barrowed into the woodshed with much less effort than the previous gathering parties had taken. In 1985 the wood delivered was too long for the stove but, luckily, a chainsaw had been brought up, so enough wood was cut to length for the stove.

In late 1985 a National Park ranger rang the Lodge Manager to inform him that the lodge had been broken into. While tools and equipment had been stolen, including the barrow to wheel these away, not much damage had been done except to the inner door latch which was replaced. November 15-17 was a Halleys-comet-watching weekend - no doubt members are looking forward to the next one!

A National Park work party on Australia Day 1986 was somewhat abortive, as the ranger could not organise any work for the Club, apart from collecting some wood for Cope and Wallaces huts - a rather frustrating activity as members felt that this could only result in larger fires at those huts. The group also barrowed in a load of cut wood for Wilky and repaired the kitchen floor. Late that year a mouldy smell around the lodge was investigated and it was discovered that the sink and hand-basin pipes had rusted through, so these were replaced with PVC pipes.

Over the years there have been many visitors to Wilky. In 1978 Pauline Wilkinson, 'Wilky's' grand-daughter, called in. In 1980 Colin Wright, who brought in the Wilky building materials in 1932, visited and in 1987 Lasse Olsen and his wife, Hilda, visited - Lasse was the son of the first resident engineer at Wilky and lived there for two years, 1933-34.

The lounge-room chimney had been developing a leak over the years that finally became known as 'Mattingley's Waterfall'. In 1987 this was repaired by forming a new concrete shoulder on the chimney.

The battle against rats had been raging for years, despite efforts to make the lodge rat-proof. Setting traps was accepted as a matter of