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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

on this line is now being restored at Belgrave by the Puffing Billy Preservation Society.

On 19 March 1988 Athol Schafer led a Historical Ramble along the Ross Town Railway built in 1883-84. No revenue train ever ran on this line, which was constructed from Oakleigh to Elsternwick. The walkers on this trip also did not reach Elsternwick as we were interrupted by afternoon tea at the leader's home.

Jean Giese and I led a Wednesday walk near Warburton on 12 December 1990. After visiting La La Falls the party descended to the Yarra River and followed Big Pats Creek tramway along the river into Warburton and then on the broad-gauge track to Millgrove.

On 17 April 1991 Jean Giese led a walk from Dowey Spur Road down High Lead to Powelltown Bush, then along the bush line to Nayook West and The Bump Tunnel, finishing in Powelltown near the sawmill and outdoor forest railway museum.

In the good old days, before the 1939 bushfires and the building of the Upper Yarra Dam, a popular long walk was the Upper Yarra Track. Walkers caught a steam-train to Warburton, then walked along the road beside the Yarra River to McVeigh's Hotel at Reefton. After stopping here for refreshments they started on the walking track that followed the Yarra River to Yarra Falls, then climbed onto the Baw Baws at Mt Whitelaw, crossed the Baw Baw Plateau to Mt Erica then descended to the Thomson River and Walhalla where they caught a steam-train home. Part of this walk is now under the Upper Yarra Dam and some of it is in proclaimed catchment area, but a new Upper Yarra Walking Track has been marked and described by Conservation and Lands. The Alpine Walking Track is used between Walhalla and Mt Whitelaw and the new 'track' goes from Mt Whitelaw to Warburton. Jean Giese led the first MBW party on this track on Cup Day Weekend, 31 October - 5 November 1991. The first section descending from the Baw Baws to the Upper Thomson River is pleasant walking, even though we lost the poorly marked track when we crossed a creek during a heavy snow-storm. Then for three days we skirted the Upper Yarra Catchment Area on hard gravelly tracks, so we were delighted when we reached The Ada Tree and set up camp in the site of New Federal Mill. The walk through the myrtle beech forest to The Ada Tree is magnificent. From New Federal Mill to Warburton we were on timber tramlines, delightful soft walking through tall forests and fern gullies. (I quickly pass over the leeches, rain and bridges that no longer exist.) The area is a series of tramtracks and mill sites. If you know where to look, at the Federal Mill