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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

Views', also 'Notes from the Walks Secretary'. This latter article embraced details on how to hire and care for equipment, and the necessity for leaders to fill in walks reports and carry a first-aid kit. Later editions included previews and reports of walks and some small articles helpful to the new bushwalker, for example, 'Food and Packs'. Only three of these booklets were published: spring, summer and autumn 1945-46. There is no record of who initiated their production and it has been suggested that it was the work of a Club member who had access to or an interest in a firm of printers. Before these booklets were produced walks programmes were printed out on a single sheet, first by carbon copy then by means of a spirit duplicator and finally on an old gestetner. Frank Pitt bought this machine second-hand, pulled it apart and reconditioned it. From the winter of 1946 onwards walks programmes were printed on a single folded sheet of coloured card and a magazine, edited by Ken Hewitt, was issued separately from time to time as material became available.

From these programmes and occasional printed notices developed the News of the Melbourne Bushwalkers. The News, as it is called, is a monthly bulletin. The earliest issue, No. 1, came out in August 1948. In the beginning the News was edited jointly by Nancy Morgan, Norm Richards and Egon Donath. These editors, appointed by committee, would change in the following years. The first News convenor was probably Bob Bittner, who was elected to the Subcommittee in 1956. Bob produced the copy and printed it on the old gestetner. Athol Schafer was elected to the Subcommittee in 1960, having taken over the job of convenor / editor from Rose Kinson for the last issue of 1959. Athol continued in this role until 1964. After typing the stencils Athol used to ride his pushbike from Glenhuntly to Bob Bittner's house in Chadstone to print them. For convenience the machine was moved to Glenhuntly and other members came along to help on printing night. When Athol retired, the job of News convenor seems to have changed almost annually. (In 1965 the Constitution was amended to provide for an official position of News Convenor.) The printing, however, remained a joint affair. As more lengthy news items were submitted and track notes became more frequent, the News became a major Club project with many members being involved in typing and printing. In fact the social evening of the month was the printing, collating and addressing of the News. Ten to fifteen eager members were to be seen taking turns at turning the handle of the old gestetner and walking around the table picking up pages or writing addresses on wrappers. The old gestetner was replaced by a new one and moved from Athol's house to Sue and Rex Filson's in 1969.