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The Melbourne Bushies - Fifty years along the track (1940-90)

In 1971 it moved to Barry and Gwenda Short's house where it was to stay for the next 11 years except for six months with Ian and Marion Hill while the Shorts were away. During the period with Gwenda and Barry an electric motor replaced the handle on the old gestetner, making life a little easier for the printers. Even so, 'News night' was still very active. The gestetner's next move was to the home of Peter and Anne Bullard. Production here continued for the life of the duplicated bulletin. Computerised address labels replaced the handwritten wrappers and an offset method of printing replaced the old duplicator: 'News night' no longer existed. The Melbourne Bushwalkers still publish the News but its content has changed considerably. Its early numbers contained chatty columns of gossip about Club members, 'Sue's Snippets', a cartoon, humorous anecdotes of happenings on walks, walks reports in the section, 'Along the track', as well as poems and short contributions. The present News contains previews for proposed walks and activities, descriptions of memorable walks, reports on Committee procedures and so on.

In 1949, at the instigation of Norm Richards, Club President at the time, it was decided that the Club should have an annual magazine. The first issue appeared in October 1949 and cost £107 for 1000 copies. An Editorial Committee, comprising Norm Richards, Nancy Morgan and Frank Pitt, was set up. Their editorial explains:

The Melbourne Bushwalkers have for long cherished the ambition to possess a journal through which the Club could become articulate, but until now the exigencies of the times have precluded such a venture. Bushwalking, by its very nature, provides a wealth of experiences for its devotees and, even as our stone-age ancestors sought to record their history in ochre daubs on cave walls, so it is natural for walkers to desire to set their experiences on record.
... And so we present Walk to you. The future lies ahead.
Walk 1949

The first edition was dated for the year of issue but subsequent editions were dated for the coming year. Therefore the second issue was dated 1951, which erroneously indicated that there was no issue in 1950. This second edition was edited by Norm Richards with Egon Donath and Fred Soutter also on the Editorial Subcommittee. It was obvious that the driving force behind the production of the journal was Norm Richards who remained the editor until 1961. From then on Walk magazine continued under the guidance of several editors until 1987 when sufficient contributions failed to appear and the Club subsequently deemed that the costs of producing the magazine outweighed its usefulness. At the Annual General Meeting of 1988 members discussing this decision offered many emotional speeches: 'How many new members have been