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Download Rules, Forms and Other documents

The following documents are available for download by selecting the relevent link:

document Title Type Size (kB) Issued
Forms and Standard document Proformas
Membership Renewal Form pdf 523 03-2020
Appointment of a Proxy for a General Meeting pdf 125 03-2016
Committee Nomination for AGM pdf 99 03-2016
Guideline documents
Fatgue and Road Safety pdf 622 02-2019
Emergency Contact System Members' Basics pdf 59 10-2015
Accessing Melbourne Bushwalkers Maps Collection pdf 457 09-2016
Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Guidelines pdf 140 09-2016
Photogallery Submissions to the Club Website pdf 576 06-2019
Introductory Notes
Introduction to Melbourne Bushwalkers pdf 857 12-2018
Introduction to Overnight Bushwalking pdf 138 05-2010
Getting to the Sunday Walk Transport pdf 718 12-2018
Introduction to Navigation pdf 82 05-2010
Review of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) pdf 156 05-2018
Training Exercises in Navigation Basics pdf 346 06-2012
Introduction to Cross Country Skiing pdf 44 05-2010
Introduction to Liloing pdf 60 05-2010
Phytophthora Information Sheet pdf 25 05-2010
Policy Documents
MBW Rules of Association pdf 175 11-2013
MBW By-Laws pdf 185 06-2018
Privacy pdf 140 03-2020
Participants Responsibilities on Club Activities pdf 145 11-2016
Code of Conduct pdf 145 10-2016
Fire Season, Total Fire Ban & Extreme Heat Policies pdf 181 11-2010
MBW Risk Management Plan pdf 596 07-2018
Submissions to Enquiries
Website Documentation
Parking Near Clubrooms pdf 323 03-2016
Getting to the Mission to Seafarers Victoria pdf 739 12-2018
AGM Reports and Documents
End of Document List