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Notices for Members

Save the Date - Bushies' Auction - 26th Sept.
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Don't throw out your slightly outdated gear, or stuff that is surplus to requirements. Save it, instead, for the famed MBW AUCTION.

This will be held in the club rooms on WEDNESDAY, 26th SEPTEMBER and promises to be a busy, irreverent, pulsating and entertaining evening- as always.

Along the way you can sell or buy hiking gear from other members- and definitely grab a bargain.


Source: Susan Maughan

Leader Training - Critical Incident Management, 30th May
ID = 269

Attend this important session to increase your awareness of elements which could impact on your experiences in the outdoors. When you participate in scenarios it allows you to acquire valuable knowledge for important events. This is a unit which is crucial for all walkers to think about. Critical incidents while we hike have occurred and will continue to be part of the risks associated with hiking. Thinking about and preparing scenarios for critical incidents allows us to react with some confidence to resolve unexpected situations.

The following components make up Unit 7
• What to establish before the walk
• Common Incidents
• Major Accidents/Incidents which occur frequently.
• Protocols to follow
• Follow ups after an Incident

If interested please email the training officer Angela (

Source: Training Officer (Angela Vetsicas)

30 Year Celebration of Wednesday Walks, 30th May 2018
ID = 268

The Wednesday Walks are a popular feature of the club walks program. They have been running continuously for 30 years.

To commemorate this milestone we will convene for an appropriate afternoon tea at the Sugarloaf Picnic Ground, Melway 273B2, at the end of our walk.

Any member wishing to join us at around 3.00pm will be most welcome even if they do not participate in the walk.

Source: Ed Neff

Membership Renewal Now Due
ID = 267

Members are reminded that subscriptions are due for renewal now. Membership fees and Bus Booking Fees remain unchanged.

Download a copy of the Subscriptions Renewal Form for more details and return a copy to if you have changed any of your personal information.

Source: Membership Secretary

EoI: X-Country Skiing, Bogong High Plains - 11-18 August
ID = 265

Imagine waking up in a comfortable hut about 12 km from the hustle and bustle of Falls Creek. There has been an overnight fall of fresh snow and there are miles of untracked snow waiting to be explored. After breakfast cleaning up is quickly done and lunch is made with freshly baked bread. Out onto the slopes with any amount of choices of trips, Mt. Cope, Mt. Jim, Ropers Lookout, Fitzgerald’s hut, wherever we feel like visiting!

We stay as guests of the Rover Scouts at their comfortable chalet. Sleeping is dormitory style in the loft, mattresses provided. Most of the food is stored in the large pantry and we only carry in fresh meat and vegetables provided by the Rovers. All chores such as cooking, cleaning, dishwashing and wood chopping are done by a voluntary roster. The Chalet has 240v power, a full industrial kitchen, unisex toilets and showers. There is a washing machine and a drying room. What more could you want???

Source: Doug Pocock