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Visiting MBW Clubrooms and COVID-19 Guidelines

The Melbourne Bushwalkers' clubrooms located on the first floor of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria building, 717 Flinders Street, Docklands, re-opened to receive members and visitors from Wednesday 17th November.

Access to the clubrooms is limited to persons who are fully vaccinated and evidence of vaccination must be sighted by staff of the Mission to Seafarers upon entry. Checking in is still a legal requirement.

Melbourne’s new COVIDSafe settings are updated and found at:

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Source: Mission to Seafarers, Victoria

EoI: Deal Island, March 6 -10, 2022

Beautiful and remote, the Kent Group National Park is made up of a group of islands and islets, situated halfway between Wilsons Promontory and Flinders Island. Comprising three main islands – Erith, Dover and Deal, this isolated national park in the middle of Bass Strait is windswept, picturesque and private. With around 55 kilometres to the nearest landfall in any direction, and no public airstrip, getting there is not easy.

The club is offering another rare opportunity to visit these remote islands. A favourite trip with some people making the trip more than once.

Please read the following information and then if you are still interested in coming along please contact Ian Langford. If we don’t have sufficient Expressions of Interest by 30th of November the trip may not proceed.


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Source: Jill Allen

Bushwalking Victoria update position on new Falls to Hotham Project

The Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC) is the third of Victoria’s Icon walks to be developed.  The FHAC was first proposed around 2005 and became government policy in 2014.  BWV's main concerns with the development of the FHAC are outlined in submissions made to Parks Victoria in 2015 and 2017.  These continue to be the BWV position.

BWV has two representatives on the Strategic Partnerships Committee (SPC) established by Parks Victoria to provide project management and consultation input to the project.  Our representatives are Chris Towers, a former BWV president and board member, Eileen Clark from Border Bushwalking Club and BTAC Field Officer for the alpine area.  Other members of the committee include a representative from the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA), with the remainder being from government agencies such as Regional Development Victoria, and Falls Creek and Hotham resort management, Alpine Shire, and Tourism North East.

The three main aspects that concern BWV the most include:
    * Maintaining access to existing campsites,
    * Maintaining open access to the trail for independent walkers,
    * The siting and scale of huts, especially in the vicinity of High Knob.

Parks Victoria has already given commitments on the first two and plans for the accommodation are not yet detailed enough to enable an informed decision.

ID: 368;
Source: Bushwalking Victoria

Parks Victoria to tackle exploding population of feral horses

The alpine landscape is extremely rare, representing just 0.3 per cent of the Australian land area. Its survival is threatened by the impacts of introduced animals such as deer, pigs and horses. Feral animal management is part of an integrated approach to protecting sensitive environmental values across Victoria’s parks and reserves.

Horses impact on a number of threatened plants and animals that depend on our high country. They silt up the pristine headwaters of many of Victoria’s major rivers, and wreck the once-extensive moss-beds that protect those headwaters.

With the latest survey showing around 5,000 feral horses in Victoria’s Alpine National Park, it's critical for our state to have a strong and effective plan for managing this growing population.

Parks Victoria’s plan to control feral horses is backed up by many decades of alpine science, and the integrity and depth of those studies have been recognised by Australia’s Federal Court.

The Feral Horse Action Plan 2021 follows the Protection of the Alpine National Park – Feral Horse Strategic Action Plan 2018-21, building on previous feral horse management experience, public consultation in 2018 and 2021, and consultation with independent veterinary, welfare and ecology experts.

ID: 367;
Source: Parks Victoria, VNPA