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Clubroom COVID Guidelines - February 2021

We are able to meet once again at the clubrooms at the Mission to Seafarers under the current COVID-19 directions.

The Mission has put safety requirements in place for attendance at its building in accordance with current Government directions. The Club requests that members and visitors should follow the Mission’s instructions and procedures while in the building.

Please check the latest Guidelines before visiting the clubrooms:

It is the individual‘s responsibility to make important preliminary consideration of their own health situation and their current exposure to the virus. Individuals are responsible for their own decision to come into activities at the clubrooms having regard to their own personal circumstances.

ID: 326;
Source: Committee

Future of the Mission to Seafarers building

The City of Melbourne has engaged consultants to investigate the establishment of a Melbourne Maritime Heritage Precinct and to examine the role of the Mission to Seafarers building as part of any proposal.

Council of the City of Melbourne has set up a community consultation page on their Participate Melbourne website seeking input to the review.

Melbourne Bushwalkers has noted the proposal to establish a Maritime Heritage Precinct and the significance of the Mission to Seafarers as part of Victoria's maritime heritage, but raised concerns about the possible impact on club access to the Mission to Seafarers building as its current clubrooms.

Any member wishing to make a personal submission is directed to the website above.

ID: 325;
Source: President; Webmaster

Considering Bushfire Risk before an Overnight Walk

This new guideline available from the "Downloads" page is in addition to the club’s downloadable guides “Fire Season, Total Fire Ban & Extreme Heat Policies” and “Guideline for considering the impacts of Extreme Weather on Outdoor Activities”, and the excellent Bushfire section of the Bushwalking Manual (for Australia) published by Bushwalking Victoria.

The latter is an excellent, concise and easy to read summary covering bushfire planning for a walk, what to do and look out for during the walk and finally how to survive a bushfire if you find yourself in one. It is essential reading for all leaders and highly recommended for all walkers. A copy of the section from the Bushfire Manual has been reproduced in the January Issue of "The News", the Melbourne Bushwalkers newsletter.

ID: 322;
Source: Pack Carry Coordinator

Bushwalking Manual

This manual provides guidelines and information for safe and enjoyable community-based bushwalking across Australia. The manual is provided by Bushwalking Victoria with contributions from other state and territory peak bushwalking organisations. It is an invaluable resource prepared by experienced bushwalkers for anyone heading into the bush, and is highly recommended to all bushwalkers.

Key sections cover:

ID: 320;
Source: Bushwalking Victoria

MBW to Fund Tree Planting as part of 80th Anniversary

To commemorate Melbourne Bushwalkers 80th Anniversary the Club’s committee has decided to plant 500 trees as a long-term legacy for the club. You can purchase 1 or more native trees by donating to our dedicated 80th Anniversary tree planting GoFundMe page. The funds will be used for the 500 native trees and tree guards. Each tree is $8.15 and the club will be contributing 50% of the cost.
(page link: )

Fifteen Trees has been selected as an independent, social enterprise company with established networks with Landcare, community groups and plant nurseries. Fifteen Trees has organised the planting of over 180,000 trees around Australia since its establishment in July 2009.

See the September newsletter for more details.

ID: 318;
Source: President